Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring


Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) is a country-led self-assessment exercise where country Clusters assess their performance against six core cluster functions and on accountability to affected populations. The process enables all cluster partners and coordinators to identify strengths and weaknesses of performance and agree actions towards improvement.

The CCPM comprises 4 stages (1. Planning, 2. Survey, 3. Analysis and action planning, 4. Monitoring) – check the steps below for more details. If you are ready to do a CCPM, you can log in request an activation.

More information is provided in the guidance document download below. Available in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.


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Steps: Planning, Survey, Analysis Action Planning, Monitoring. Outputs: Decision on implementation, preliminary report, final report & action plan, quarterly reports to HCT



Planning -> Decision on implementation

HCT decision on CCPM timeframe and participation

  • Inter-Cluster Coordination Group discussion
  • Each Cluster meets to:
    • Discuss the CCPM purpose, process, methodology, and outputs;
    • Clarify timeframe for;
      • Survey start and end dates (approx. 2 weeks)
      • Circulation of Preliminary Coordination Performance Report
      • Cluster meeting to finalize the Coordination Performance Report (contextualize), including developing the Action Plan
    • Clarify the role of government counterpart
    • Establish a commitment to follow-up on agreed actions to improve performance

Output I: Agreement on implementation and timeframe


Step I

Example survey questions:

‘Has the Cluster agreed with its partners formats for monitoring and reporting needs?’

☐ Yes

☐ No

☐ Don’t know

‘Has your organization reported using those formats?

☐ Never

☐ Rarely

☐ Fairly often

☐ Very regularly

☐ Don’t know

Survey -> Preliminary Report
Step II

Analysis and scoring of performance status
The median score for each sub-category is calculated based on aggregated results of partners and coordinators.

The median score is classified into 4 categories of performance status

ScorePerformance status
>0.75%Green = Strong
0.51-0.75%Yellow = Satisfactory (needs minor improvement
0.26-0.50%Orange = Unsatisfactory (needs major improvement
≤ 0.25%Red = Weak

Step III

Output II: The survey results are weighted and compiled into a report

CategoryPerformance score
1. Supporting service delivery 
1.1 Providing a platform that ensures service delivery is driven by the Humanitarian Response Plan  and strategic prioritiesGood
1.2 Developing mechanisms to eliminate duplication of service deliveryUnsatisfactory
2. Informing strategic decisions  of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC)  and Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) 
2.1 Preparing needs assessments  and analysis of gaps (across and within Clusters, using information management tools as needed) to inform the setting of prioritiesSatisfactory
2.2 Identifying and finding solutions for (emerging) gaps, obstacles, duplication and cross-cutting issuesWeak
2.3 Formulating priorities on the basis of analysisSatisfactory


Analysis Action Planning -> Final Report & Action Plan
  • Review/amend the Preliminary Report
  • Explain/contextualize findings
  • Identify actions for improvement (focus on weak and unsatisfactory performance), timeframe, and responsible for follow-up
  • Pinpoint support requirements

Output III: Final CCPM and Action Plan

  • Actions for improvement, timeframe, and responsible for follow-up Awareness of support requirements (HC/HCT, Cluster Lead Agencies, Partners, OCHA, Global Clusters, and national authorities)
  • Shared with the HC/HCT and Global Cluster and, if applicable, the national authorities


Monitoring -> Quarterly Reports to HCT
  • ICC: Review of Reports/Action Plans identify common weaknesses to be addressed
  •  systematically. 
  • HCT: Presentation of Reports/Action Plans and discussion of support requirements


  • Take stock of progress at monthly cluster meetings
  • Quarterly progress reporting to the HCT

Output IV: Quarterly reports to HCT


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