What is the CCPM?

Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) is a country-led self-assessment exercise where country Clusters assess their performance against six core cluster functions and on accountability to affected populations. The process enables all cluster partners and coordinators to identify strengths and weaknesses of performance and agree actions towards improvement.

The CCPM comprises 4 stages (1. Planning, 2. Survey, 3. Analysis and action planning, 4. Monitoring) – check the pages above for more details. If you are ready to do a CCPM, you can request an activation using the green button.

More information is provided in the guidance document download to the right. Available in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish languages.

CCPM Steps

To activate a CCPM for your cluster (WASH, Nutrition, Education or Child Protection only) click on the link to the page above for more information, and you will be guided to the technical support unit.