2. Survey Step

Step I

Example survey questions:

‘Has the Cluster agreed with its partners formats for monitoring and reporting needs?’

☐ Yes

☐ No

☐ Don’t know

‘Has your organization reported using those formats?

☐ Never

☐ Rarely

☐ Fairly often

☐ Very regularly

☐ Don’t know

Step ||


Survey Step

Analysis and scoring of performance status
The median score for each sub-category is calculated based on aggregated results of partners and coordinators. 
The median score is classified into a 4 categories of performance status 







Score Performance status
>0.75% Green  =  Strong
0.51-0.75% Yellow  =  Satisfactory  (needs minor improvement
0.26-0.50% Orange  =  Unsatisfactory (needs major improvement
≤ 0.25% Red  =  Weak


Step |||

Output II: The survey results are weighted and compiled into a report

Category Performance score
1. Supporting service delivery  
1.1 Providing a platform that ensures service delivery is driven by the Humanitarian Response Plan  and strategic priorities Good
1.2 Developing mechanisms to eliminate duplication of service delivery Unsatisfactory
2. Informing strategic decisions  of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC)  and Humanitarian Country Team   (HCT)  
2.1 Preparing needs assessments  and analysis of gaps (across and within Clusters, using information management tools as needed) to inform the setting of priorities Satisfactory
2.2 Identifying and finding solutions for (emerging) gaps, obstacles, duplication and cross-cutting issues Weak
2.3 Formulating priorities on the basis of analysis Satisfactory